PWAV introducing robotics

“Prins Willem Alexander Village is leading the way in Queensland and most of the country by implementing the use of Lamson robots being programmed to collect and deliver meal trolleys, linen trolleys and removal of waste.”

To get an impression of how this will work – please watch the video below.




Official Opening New High Care Facility

Prins Willem Alexander Village opened the doors of its new building on 9th September 2016. The new home provides three levels of individualised, homely living space that was architecturally designed by Thomson Adsett and project managed by Paynter Dixon. It was an absolute pleasure to work with both agencies; their loyalty, integrity and competence made it a gratifying experience.

Residents from our existing residential home moved into the new building on 14th September. The transition was for most a seamless and effortless experience thanks to the good planning of our staff and the enormous support from family, friends and volunteers. I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all those who gave their time and to those that were more than willing to help at any stage during the transition. Without the support, the residents would not have settled as quickly into their new home.

This energetic home, inside and out and from the ground up, features spacious individual rooms, with private ensuites, lounge areas that invite the outside in and interesting, stimulating seating areas for all to enjoy. The kitchenettes are the hub of the home that entices residents and staff to gather and enjoy the activities that they create.

Artwork is proudly displayed throughout the home with a blast of colour that engages the residents, families and visitors from all aspects.

2016 has been a year of juggling the development project along with the day-to-day life of the residential home.

Official opening with John Scholtes


We trust that the information presented here will assist you in becoming familiar with Village life, activities and the values of the Association.